Saturday, 20 April 2013

Crosthwaite Church, Keswick Thursday April 18th 2013

This gig was part of a series, organised by [and here I quote from the programme notes] "a small committee entitled Music at Crosthwaite which came into existence in  1998 with the aim of providing good quality classical music for the benefit of residents and visitors within the historic centre for Christian worship at Crosthwaite Church, Keswick."

It was a horribly wet night, which probably put some people off coming out at all, so the audience was somewhat smaller than the one at Cockermouth the previous week, but I'd like to think that those who did brave the storm felt their trip was worth it. We thoroughly enjoyed playing anyway, in such a lovely old church.

2 Volte                                                                 Praetorius
Pase el Agoa                                                        Portuguese villancico
Tausend Dukaten - Galliard & Pavane                    Susato
2 Little Fugues                                                     JS Bach
Sarabanda                                                           A Corelli (arr B Hilton)
Pavane et deux airs en suitte
         pour les hautbois, fait au
         sacre du Roi 17 october 1610                     Collected by A Philidor 1684
Divertimento                                                        JB van Hal (arr Klaus Bjerre)
Pizzicato Polka                                                     J Strauss (arr J van Goethem/ R McConkey)
20th century
   Welsh medley                                                    arr R McConkey
   Irish collection                                                   arr V Hetherington
   Scots medley                                                     arr AV McGurk
   North Country Tunes                                         arr R McConkey
Basin Street Blues                                                 S Williams (arr N McConkey)
Paper Doll                                                              JS Black (arr D Bloodworth)

Bergamascas                                                        S Scheidt (arr B Hilton)
Paradiso & Muy Linda
         Pavane & Galliard                                        A Holborne
2 Fugues                                                              GP Telemann
Blasersinfonie No.3, 1st movement                       JC Bach (arr U Herrmann)
Trio Op.133/II
           Allegretto-Andantino-Allegretto                 J Hook
20th Century
By the Light of the Silvery Moon                          G Edwards
Celebration Rag                                                    L Hilling
Serenata                                                              B Bonsor

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