Friday 1st October 2021: private event at the Beacon, Whitehaven. (In our Georgian costumes!)

Friday 8th November 2013: Kirkgate Centre, Cockermouth - GLITTERING BALL for the 2014 Georgian Fair

Wednesday 4th December 2013: Plumbland WI

Friday 20th December 2013: St Kentigern's, Aspatria.


ISEL CHURCH, JUNE 8TH 2013 at 7:30


After our previous attempt at raising money for Isel Church's bells became a bit of a damp squib due to a power cut and freezing weather [see below], we're trying again, this time in the middle of what we Cumbrians like to call "summer".

UPDATE: Since we really do seem to having a few days of proper summer, we can now officially describe this gig as a "summer concert"! Hurrah! (I went swimming in the river just beside the church yesterday, just to check that the water was at a suitable temperature for flowing past our gig, and I'm pleased to report that it was just perfect.)

We hope to surprise you with a few things you missed when the Christmas concert, in the cold and the dark, forced everyone to give up before the end.

Isel Church is in a gorgeous location on the banks of the River Derwent, and in summer it's a really charming place to spend a bit of time. (If you arrive early you can even go for a swim ...) 


December 2012 in Isel Church.

Well, that one turned out rather unexpectedly, when the power in the church failed and we ended up playing in the cold by candle light. Brilliant atmosphere for early music, but far too cold to expect the poor audience to stay, so we packed up halfway through. Those who braved the chill really enjoyed the music, though!

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