Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Gig at the Beacon, Whitehaven

 First time out in public for over two years, five of us arrived at the Beacon Museum, on Whitehaven's harbourside, all togged out in our Georgian costumes. (Sadly, Jane, our great bass player, was out of commission with a bad cold.) The event was the opening night of a new touring exhibition from the National Gallery, featuring a painting from 1740  by  Jean-Siméon Chardin called The House of Cards.

We played a variety of music which would have been available in Chardin's day, including a selection form Playford's collections, a number of pieces by Handel, Loeillet, Banister and others, on recorders, flutes and guitar. We were just there to provide background music, but the attendees seemed to enjoy it and we received many favourable comments.

It was lovely to be out performing again, and we are now ready for anything you may ask of us! (Within reason ....) 

You can see lots more photos of the event here.

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